Heart written in steam on a window
Help people love content design (Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash)

Blue banner with ‘Leading with Aladrian Goods’ and headshot image of Aladrian

Blue banner with “Leading with Natalie Pool” and headshot of Natalie.

Blue banner with leading with and an image of Kenneth Yau

Blue banner with Leading with Anna Söderbom and a headshot

Leading with Beth Dunn in white text on a blue background with an image of Beth

Image with Aaron Burgess and text Leading with Aaron Burgess

Blue header saying ‘Leading with Molly Whitehead-Jones featuring a headshot

Leading with title featuring an image of Trisha Brandon

Header with Leading with Elaine Short and image of Elaine

Rachel McConnell

Content Ops at BT. Previously Clearleft and Deliveroo. Author of Why you need a content team http://amzn.eu/d/2j4OrHx

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