• Mike Tew

    Mike Tew

  • Ryan Heslin

    Ryan Heslin

  • Valeria Sasser

    Valeria Sasser

    Writer. Humanist & Culture Specialist (BA), and Educator (MA). Public Policy, Tech, Politics, Business, Society, Ideas. (My ideas do not represent any entity)

  • Drew Burdick

    Drew Burdick

    Experience design leader at @SlalomCLT. Always game to talk about coffee, food, travel, & design systems.

  • Jonas Schmidt

    Jonas Schmidt

    Freelance Creative Director from Hamburg | Available for booking

  • Erin Phipps

    Erin Phipps

  • Albert Arshakyan

    Albert Arshakyan

  • Hasan Basri Bayat

    Hasan Basri Bayat

    UI/UX Designer and Flutter developer

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